GeLo Hunt
at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Download the GeLo Hunt iOS App, and open it. Select "GR Museum Scavenger Hunt" from the list. Then search the Grand Rapids Public Museum for letters and answer the questions.

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GeLo Hunt on iOS

Introducing GeLo Hunt

GeLo uses Bluetooth 4.0 Smart devices (pictured on the right) to allow developers to customize their application's events, behavior and content based on a user's hyper-specific location. Learn more about GeLo Technology.

GeLo Hunt is one particular application of GeLo technology, using the location-aware data in the GeLo Platform to entertain and educate individuals based on a user's specific location.

Engaging Students
at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

GeLo Hunt is often used by educators to keep students engaged in learning. See how the Grand Rapids Public Museum has used the GeLo Hunt application to take their existing exhibits to new levels of interactivity.